History of HKA

The Heiwa No Te Karate Association was formed in the 1970’s and continues to present day. The Association is a not for profit organization and instructors volunteer their time and knowledge for the betterment of the students. All instructors hold current working with Children Checks and first Aid Certificates.


The Heiwa No Te Association is Shotokan Karate based school. Shotokan Karate was developed by Master Gichin Funikoshi. Shotokan Karate is based on primarily long stances and large movements.

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Karate is a self-defense and should not be used for aggression or violence, a philosophy that HKA follows through their motto being “Peaceful yet confident, confident yet humble “

Getting started in Karate

We at Heiwa No Te endeavor to present to you a way to develop total fitness: mind body and spirit. Our School will commit to giving our members the best instruction possible.

Every member in our School is treated as an individual. We follow your progress in order to ensure you realize your full potential as a student of Karate.

To foster in students a deep respect for people
To harmonise mind and body
To develop self confidence and personal fitness
To teach students the virtue of self control
To guide students towards attaining peace of mind
Why Choose HKA Karate

Quality instructors with skills and knowledge
Low cost in current economic climate
To be treated with respect
A curriculum with real depth
Small class groups
Karate explained clearly
Non Contact
Safe and controlled environment


For more information, please call

Sensei Peter on Mobile 0418591934