Karate Classes

Family Class

The family class is geared towards students of all levels and who are between the ages of 6 to 12 years and older family members. This class will suits younger members as the curriculum has been modified for their level and understanding. Parents are welcome to join and train with there children.

Senior Class

The senior class is geared towards students of all levels and who are over the age of 13years and above. This class would suit older members as the curriculum has greater depth into the martial art of karate

General Class All Ages

The All ages class is geared toward family groups in order for them to participate in an activity together, class are run in a controlled and safe manner.

Advanced Class

The Advanced Class is reserved for the higher level students and is by invitation of the Chief Instructor.

Done Karate Before?

At our School we happily accept students who have studied martial arts before and would like to try again. Although you may have achieved a particular belt rank in another style you will be required to start at white belt in HKA. The levels you achieve after starting and the speed will be assessed by our grading panel.


The School provides insurance to all it members at no additional cost while training. All instructors are qualified to provide first aid if required. All classes are conducted in a controlled and safe environment.

Working with Children

All Instructors as required by law have had working with children checks conducted to ensure there suitability.